by Wilson Kubwayo, published in the Argus Leader


Dear Sioux Falls,

I might not be old enough to know your full story

But I am young enough to write a new story

Young and wild I came to this beautiful city

I first hated you and grew weary

That’s because I faced unimaginable situations that blurred my mirror

I crashed in reality but I never died in my dreams

I admit it, I have more good things to say about Sioux Falls than bad things

However, I wouldn’t have chosen snow for my first Christmas gift

In winter, you would think the sun takes a vacation in the west

Even birds fly upside down to protect their wings from the cold

I don’t say this to be more charming

Older people don’t care much about winter, they are concerned

about sneezing and not peeing at the same time

Soon I too will get old,

I know death will say, “about time”

My news might not be relevant

But I recently heard South Dakotans don’t like immigrants, now it

makes sense why I’m always asked if my real name is Wilson.

It’s sad because I wish it didn’t make any difference

Maybe I was taught wrong that it takes a village

I plan to love you more by killing negative thoughts of who I am with my message

Believe me it’s a nice little prayer, I plan to bring my incense.

You have changed me and that’s the reason I smile

Young and wild, I was heading in the wrong direction

I wonder why I never questioned my conscience

I was so hurt from the invisible pain I never had enough time to pay attention to my reaction

I remember unwillingly fasting in the refugee camp I was only ten

I didn’t keep track because we were taught that fasting is good for the soul

See, fasting is supposed to be for the rich being in the shoes of the poor,

I never understood why my family fasted when we were the poor

Trivialized feels like you are burning in a melting pot

Seeking refuge was our only hope

Some say you reap what you sew

Without seeds, you feel empty and cold

All your heart longs for is a glimpse of love

I’m still thankful for not questioning my needs

At thirteen, my family came to this country

You gave me a chance to blossom on the family tree

I want to make my future bright

Sioux Falls is the city that became my light

I was changed by you who chose to take me as I am

Raised in the cage, but you showed me love at first glance

With all my due diligence I plan to do the same

Sioux Falls is dope, y’all

Sioux Falls is a place of hope

As I grow, I find myself in need to do more

Trust me, I am here not to steal but to build for the city that I love.

Sioux Falls

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