Our Growth Project Street Team

Kimberly Munoz 
OGP Street Team Member

Kimberly Munoz is from Sioux Falls and works as a full time bilingual personal banker at First Premier Bank. Outside of her day job she enjoys volunteering in the community as a mentor with LSS, serving at The Banquet, and providing support at Kids Against Hunger.

She co-founded the nonprofit Knowledge is Power which helps to empower women through literacy, training, and educational workshops. When she is not working or serving you can find her Downtown Sioux Falls enjoying all things local.

As a reserved person in her teens she recognizes a space like OGP is essential for youth that are introverts or extroverts. OGP is a safe and welcoming environment for youth of any background to explore their talents and diversify their experiences. Kimberly joined Our Growth Project’s Street Team with the goal of helping in promotion and encouraging others to let their greatness shine through edutainment (education, art and entertainment).

Tessa Knowler 
OGP Street Team Member

Tessa Knowler is from Sioux Falls, graduated from Augustana University in 2018 and now works at Washington High School as a Special Education teacher. Outside of her work life she enjoys hanging with her dog Kita, reading a book, playing volleyball and hanging with family and friends. She also fills up by helping out in the community volunteering with Almost Home Canine Rescue and serving the homeless and hungry at The Banquet.
She believes OGP is essential to youth as it is a way for them to find out who they are and who they want to become through edutainment. It is a safe place for people of all abilities to perform and express themselves and a great way to meet new diverse people with lots of experiences. Her goal with OGP is to help all those who are struggling to find their inner selves do so and to be comfortable with what they discover; to show them that each person is different and unique and valuable to our families and community.

Saba Telahun 
OGP Street Team Member

Saba Telahun was born in Ethiopia, Africa in 1996 but grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, graduating from Lincoln High School in 2014. She is a self taught local artist and business owner. In 2019 she started a natural holistic care company with her sister, launching a product line that nourishes and enhances skin, hair, and body hygiene. Saba currently works as an insurance agent full time. When she is not working she loves volunteering at Our Growth Project!
The organization means so much to me! Growing up in Sioux Falls, we never had outlets to express ourselves in a healthy and inspiring environment and I feel this is what OGP offers to the youth and community. I am proud to be part of Our Growth Project and the movement to encourage the community to come together and deepen our investment into education, art, and entertainment. Her desire is to share her knowledge of arts and insurance to help in educating the youth on real life situations and also have fun in expressing themselves through art and culture!

Samuel Gezehagne 
OGP Street Team Member

Samuel Gezehagne is from Sioux Falls.He is currently pursuing his degree in entrepreneurship at southeast Tech. When he’s not occupied working at Sioux Falls regional airport Samuel enjoys reading, playing basketball, spending time with family, and pursuing real estate investing!
He enjoys volunteers his time with the Ethiopian community to help with translating and getting the youth involved in sports and extracurricular activity.
As a Sioux Falls native born and raised he believes OGP can continue to help plant the seeds and give the emerging generation of the community a platform for growth through edutainment.

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