Our Growth Project hosted our first event of 2020 and we debuted a brand new live show format! This fast paced, informative, and educational event featured interviews and performances. OGP President Sul Dibba led interviews with Swamp Daddy’s Cajun Kitchen’s Inkka Beaudion and Julian Beaudion. Vaney Hariri of Think 3D Solutions was interviewed as well.

The event also included a dance performance by a group of Washington High School students. OGP Director of Community Engagement, Soleil Bashale, and band Jorfren concluded the night!

Over 70 community members were in attendance! OGP sponsors, the West Hyvee provided lemonade and Flyboy Donuts provided donuts. Since February is also Black History Month we served a couple of traditional African dishes and encouraged attendees to sport their African attire.

The event was held in the Back Alley of Augustana University, in Sioux Falls, SD. OGP Committee Member Sammy Gezehagne created a music playlist for the evening.

Gallery photos by Director of Programs, Amanda Hellie

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